With e-Commerce ventures involving various business and commercial models on the upswing, the explosive growth in the last few years has already catapulted the biggest firms among these ventures past the billion dollar territory. It is evident that online retail is one of the fastest growing segments. It is also the most challenging in fulfilling its fundamental proposition of transcending physical boundaries to deliver a variety of products to the customer’s doorstep. No.1 Worldwide Express understands that Logistics and Infrastructure in e-tailing has become the critical backbone of the fulfillment network and on the basis on which stringent service level expectations are set and met, and customer mind-space among competing alternatives are won.

WWE is geared up to create wins for the customer in e-commerce Logistics fulfillment. Come and experience the magic whether you are a consumer, market place or an aggregator. If your business involves or revolves around the physical movement of e-Commerce transactions think of WWE as:

  • The undisputed aggregator servicing more than 70% of the e-Commerce Supply chain service providers.
  • Geared up to service e-Commerce market places with hybrid of integrated supply chains involving Consolidation and DTD services with break bulk deliveries.