No.1 Worldwide Express had just begun operations, managing to get a foothold in the NCR market. As part of regular brain storm sessions to generate business the core team was deliberating as to how the upcountry markets would be developed. At the close of the day Just as the team was about to leave the office the MD came across a shipment with 5 small boxes that had possibly not made the connection because of heavy cargo rush in the festive season of India. Seeing the address he realized that this shipment contained export material that was meant to be connected to an Export Agent in Mumbai and was consigned from an address of Agra. Driven by a sense of service he took the initiative of having it connected through special arrangements with advance pre alerts to ensure that the shipment was delivered on priority.

A month later The MD happened to be on a tour to Agra and made it a point to call upon the customer who had sent the export shipment. The meeting threw up the customer’s needs and that he was losing out money on account of penalties etc. imposed by the importers because of the delay. The customer was an exporter cum garment fabricator and was supplying RMG to exporters from India and direct shipments to end merchandisers’ and buying houses as well in the USA & European markets. The commercial consignments were being connected with an Export manifest from origin itself that made connection from origin booked as Ocean Freight with direct containers. This part of the Supply Chain was ok; the major problem was that commercial shipments were getting cancelled as samples and other short shipments were not being connected on time. After understanding the situation the Company realized that the activity was not outsourced properly and the shipments with samples under the marked sample policy were going through many hands with no accountability.

The primary movement was through No.1 Worldwide Express from Agra to Mumbai via Delhi. Thereafter the Agent was putting the shipments as part of a console that would get delayed. Basically the Agent was making money through the rates of a consolidation at the cost of timely transit. Added to this the carriers were refusing lodgment as the shipments were coming in late not meeting the planned schedule as per booking. Swinging into action a crack team was set up in Delhi to focus on Export Shipments and a Logistics head was appointed from the RMG Industry. A team was built as part of the existing Mumbai operations that would coordinate the delivery schedules between different entities in Mumbai. The plan worked and service levels for onward connection went up from a mere 60% to 99%. Charged with confidence many other customers also started sending the shipments through WWE and the company started getting short shipments also by Air that were meant to complete the Ocean consignments. With this customized solution the Agra RMG Industry became truly visible on the map of the world, many thanks to No1 Worldwide Express.