A few years ago when No. 1 Worldwide Express was called by a leading e-Commerce marketplace player to provide services it became the proverbial “doors opening a gold mine” of opportunity all because of an intense understanding and customization right from day one. The MD of the Company recalls taking the call at a personal level to ensure that the best solutions are made possible. The first step adopted by WWE was to understand the current service scenarios in the e-Commerce space specific to logistics and supply chain management before embarking for the meeting. What ensued was a good mapping of the market which revealed that the major problems are based upon the fact that there are huge capacity constraints on most National distribution Companies and even the newcomers that had made a killing by opening outfits to service the last mile distribution needs were carrying backlogs.

All said and done service levels were dropping miserably with no solutions in sight. Close analysis revealed that the service providers and the e-Commerce players could not react in time to the loads piling up at the NCR warehouses of e-commerce players with multiple service providers picking up pan India shipments meant for deliverers to end consumers. There were huge offloads creating extreme strain on carriage and storage capacities. It was like a traffic gridlock wherein everything had become static as if hit by paralysis. Having conducted sufficient mapping of the market scenario WWE went ahead and met the customer. The analysis shared was on the mark and the customer management team was looking at the WWE team with a huge expectation for a solution since they were spoton in terms of the findings.

WWE had done their homework and were ready with the solution on a trial basis. The plan was to consolidate loads meant for the three metros outside Delhi and move the same under the co-load connections of WWE as consoles on multiple fights after buying capacity upfront, which would make connection and not be offloaded. As part of the plan the Company had tied up with local Intra City delivery operators at these locations who were very conversant with the geographical terrain. These so called small regional operators were kings in their own right when it came to local deliveries while the National players were choked with backlogs. As per plan teams were dispatched to handle the inbounds at the other end and ensure local deliveries. So the smaller shipments were aggregated and went as co-loads to the selected three locations and after debagging/segregation the transactions were delivered as per plan. The cycle continued and a major part of the backlog was cleared. The mission was accomplished and confidence was won. This opened up the e-Commerce opportunity for WWE and today many brands ship through WWE.